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Purchasing Assistance Packages


Nemostar Computing offers a service where we compose a report for a client who is in the decision making phase of a computer or related purchase (including networking/internet).

The following is just a sample of issues we are pleased to advise on.

  • Desktop computer purchase (PC/Mac)
  • Laptop purchase (PC/Mac)
  • Peripheral purchase
  • Software purchase
  • Networking equipment purchase
  • Internet (ISP) services

Purchasing Assistance

Computer technology is evolving a fast pace, combined with computer retailers who are only interested in selling what they stock, a client is often sold a computer system that may not match their needs.

Nemostar Computing is able to provide unbiased advice on computers and related software and hardware including the internet, networking and mobiles devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Training sessions can also be arranged for clients who are not confident with computers. This can be for those who need to update skills, re-familiarise themselves with software or navigating including operating their new purchase. We are happy to discuss this option with our clients.


Our fees start at $99.00 (including GST). Please contact us or call the above number for a quote.