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Fixed Price Services


Nemostar Computing offers fixed price services to the general community. With a fixed price service fee, customers are able to better budget for repairs and upgrades.

The following is just a sample of services we offer under our fixed price schedule.

  • Windows PC virus/pop-up/malware clean
  • Windows PC system tune
  • Hardware install/upgrade (PC/Mac)
  • Software install/upgrade/update (PC/Mac)
  • Operating system install/upgrade/update (PC/Mac)

Contact Nemostar Computing to book in a service or call the number above.

Windows PC Virus/Pop-Up/Malware Clean

Windows computers are common targets for computer viruses and malware (pop-ups, etc.).

Nemostar Computing provides a service where a computer infected with these problems is cleaned of the virus/malware problems.

Windows PC System Tune

After a period of internet use and/or software installs, a Windows system becomes less efficient and performance degrades.

Nemostar Computing is able to clean out temporary files, tune the system database (registry) and defragment the hard drive. This will restore most of the lost performance.

Hardware Install/Upgrade (PC/Mac)

Nemostar Computing is able to install or upgrade hardware in PC or Macintosh computers.

We can install hardware supplied by the client or we can source hardware from our many suppliers.

Software Install/Upgrade/Update (PC/Mac)

Nemostar Computing is able to install or upgrade software on PC or Macintosh computers.

We can install software supplied by the client or we can source software from our many suppliers.

Operating System Install/Upgrade/Update (PC/Mac)

Operating systems are constantly being updated. Sometimes these updates are large, so large as to make it very inconvenient to download over the internet.

Nemostar Computing is able to perform an install or update or upgrade the operating system on any PC or Mac.

We are able to advise on the best course of action in relation to future updates, that is, whether or not to activate automatic updates.


The fixed price service fees are as follows...

Prices (including GST)
Single component install $22
Minor computer service $55
Full computer service $88
Extended computer service $121


  • All computer equipment must delivered to our workshop. Pickup and delivery will attract an additional fee.
  • A regular service usually takes a minimum of three business days.
  • Service will be delayed until parts and/or software is delivered to our workshop
  • Parts and/or software are extra.

If you have an urgent situation, we offer a premium service, in which we expedite the service to achieve a faster turnaround. For details contact Nemostar Computing or call the number above.